2013 Teams

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Long Range UAV:  The MR Drone combines the forward flight capabilities of traditional, plane-like aircraft with the vertical takeoff and landing capabilities of rotary aircraft, such as quadrotors.  It has been designed to assist in a variety of situations such as search and rescue, law enforcement, reconnaissance, and much more.  This UAV will allow the user to cover greater distances in a shorter amount of time and increase the success rate of these missions.

Child Safety Engineering Solutions (CSES) has discovered that when transporting a young child on today’s dangerous roads, the safest location for that child is the center of the vehicle’s rear seat. Due to the associated loading and unloading difficulties, many parents still prefer to place their child in either the passenger or driver side locations. CSES understands that loading a child into a car seat many times throughout the day can be very physically demanding. We are dedicated to making this task easier. CSES’s invention “The Car Seat Slide,” allows a guardian to easily load a child from the passenger side of the vehicle, and then slide the child into the middle of the rear seat for optimum safety while traveling. Not only is the product designed for ease of use, but also retains the safety of a traditionally mounted car seat. With The Car Seat Slide, parents will enjoy an easy loading process, and will have the peace of mind knowing their child is seated in the safest place of the vehicle.

Team Das PedalHaüs designed and developed a self-aligning bike pedal for clipless pedal systems.  When riders are first learning how to use clipless pedals they often struggle with manually aligning the pedal when they are trying to clip in.  This distracts the rider and can cause a safety hazard, especially at dangerous intersections. To fix this problem, the design uses a motor, circuit board and accelerometer to rotate the pedal into the aligned position whenever the rider steps out of the pedal.  The system disengages the system once the rider is clipped in and they are ready to ride.  In addition, the 3D-printed enclosure protects the electronics from the environment and a rechargeable battery allows the system to run with daily charging at night.  The smart pedal has been manufactured and tested, and is ready for further development with clipless pedal manufacturers.


Team Die Driver: The local sheet metal manufacturer, Jensen MetalTech, uses a press brake as one of it’s many metal-forming tools.  To produce various shapes, large punches and dies must be swapped into and out of the press brake. Unfortunately, the tool-swapping process at Jensen MetalTech was inefficient and dangerous. This was due to the size and weight of the tools, as well as the methods used for storing them. Some of the heavier punches and dies weigh 400 pounds, and are 6 feet long. This combination of weight and size created a lifting risk. In addition, these tools were stored in various orientations and at different heights. This compounded the problem of lifting the tools, because they had to be reoriented and lifted to the proper height to be used in the press brake.  Team Die Driver was tasked with creating a system for minimizing the risks involved in this process.



Divide and Conquer has designed a universal kit that allows a standard snowboard setup to have both riding and backcountry touring functionality. The kit modifies a snowboard by utilizing The Reno Divorce Kit (RDK) components which enables transformation between a snowboard and a pair of snowshoes. The RDK is comprised of two main components: the marriage plate and the binding plates. Utilizing “interlocking-finger” technology, the marriage plate allows the two halves of the snowboard to separate and reconnect when transforming between modes. The stance of the user can be switched back and forth by means of the RDK binding plates. This gives the user the option to translate from a sideways snowboard riding to a forward snowshoe stance with minimal effort. Divide and Conquer will enter the sports market by introducing a unique alternative to backcountry travel hoping to entice individuals to experience beauty and freedom the backcountry can provide.


Energy Grade set out to enhance the experience of hikers and backpackers by supplying them with the NV Power Pole– an energy generating hiking pole. It allows outdoor enthusiasts to charge their electronic devices while on the go without adding extra weight to one’s pack. The NV Power Pole utilizes the movement of the user to capture kinetic energy that usually goes to waste, and converts it into useable electrical energy. A charging system has been implemented into the handle of the pole to manage the energy harvested from the user. The electrical energy generated is stored in an internal battery to be later transferred to electronic devices via a USB cable. A second USB port makes it possible for the user to charge the internal battery from external power sources, such as wall outlets and desktop computers, while the user is near a power grid.


Eye C. U.

EYE C. U.: In the past decades, robotic detection and following is a goal scientists and engineers have worked on for its applications such as vehicle convoying, criminal justice, artificial intelligence and filmmaking. Because of this demand, the members of the Eye Camera Unit (Eye C.U.) have designed a robot which has the ability to follow an arbitrary objects through various environments using computer vision.


FlyTunes saw that during up-hill travel the energy of the rider’s pedal stroke is significantly absorbed by the rear suspension decreasing efficiency.  Our goal was to design and create a safe, reliable suspension system that allows mountain bicycle enthusiasts to use more of the pedal stroke energy. This allows the rider to increase their riding efficiency without compromising the ride quality.  As a team we created an adjustable suspension kit for a mountain bicycle to solve this problem. We accomplished this by locking out the rear suspension, limiting its travel as you pedal uphill. The kit will easily mount onto a full-suspension mountain bike with a few bolts and a little elbow grease. 



Hitting for power is one of the most important metrics in softball. With this in mind, Team Hardball has created the Softball Dynamometer, which is a training aid for batting. This device allows the user to swing a bat, unrestricted through a target; while providing an instantaneous numerical readout of the force (an integral of power) generated by each swing.


The Softball Dynamometer utilizes a measuring device called a load cell. A display indicator is able to interpret the signal from the load cell, and exhibit a numerical output representative of the force.  With this device users are able to gain instantaneous results from adjustments made to their mechanics.


High Roller Stroller: The Adjustable All-Season Stroller is an adult stroller that has been designed for Hunter Yeider, a 16 year old boy who has been affected by Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation. This stroller provides solutions to two problems that Hunter experiences in his everyday life; immobility of his stroller in snow and inability of his stroller to comfortably accommodate him. The ski-attachment mechanism that has been designed by High Roller Stroller will allow any generic stroller to be attached to it, and be used in snow. It can be conveniently attached and detached from a stroller in less than a minute. The seat adjustment mechanism will allow Hunter to comfortably sit in the stroller and help him maintain a good posture. The design of seat will ensure that the angle between Hunter’s upper and lower leg stays at- least 90 degrees at all times.




The Masked Aligners: Substrates have the need to be aligned with the tolerance smaller then the size of one strand of hair. The Masked Aligners team designed the EZ-Aligner 2013 to help aid in aligning two substrates together. The EZ-Aligner was designed to be easy to use, affordable, and light weight so its conveniently portable.


NEVADAtude: To meet the needs of a growing bicycle community, NEVADAtude Cycling has developed the VeloDAQ power measurement pedal, an inexpensive cycling performance measurement device that communicates to the user via Bluetooth. The VeloDAQ offers riders a novel metric of applied pedaling force as a function of crank arm angle in addition to power output, which allows for a detailed analysis of pedaling form and efficiency in real time. The VeloDAQ prototype has been built by implementing off-the-shelf instruments and electronics with an existing clipless pedal platform. Performance levels of the prototype are comparable to current cycling power meters at a substantially reduced cost and weight. By offering new low cost ways for cyclists to evaluate their pedal stroke, the VeloDAQ allows riders to evaluate performance data like never before.


Solar Chef has worked to complete the Sun Chef Solar Cooker, a cost-effective solar oven, which has been designed to deliver the maximum amount of cooking performance per dollar. The Sun Chef is very lightweight and easily portable making it an easy solution for backpackers and campers’ cooking needs.  The Sun Chef’s unique flower petal shape forms a sectioned parabola when assembled, creating a concentrated focal point to consistently reach temperatures upwards of 90 degrees Celsius.  The shape also allows the cooker to fold in on itself for compact storage or transportation.  It is constructed from durable  yet flexible polystyrene plastic ensuring the Sun Chef will perform to the highest level for many years.  The Sun Chef provides users with an inexpensive entry-level solar cooker that can match the performance of cookers with a much higher price point while remaining compact, simple and fun to use.



Solartherm: The Solar Cooler, by Solartherm, is a lightweight, portable refrigeration unit which uses a small thermoelectric module, mounted onto a standard ice chest and powered by a photovoltaic panel, to remove heat from inside the ice chest. The Solar Cooler can maintain an internal temperature of 35°F without using any ice at all. This temperature is slightly lower than that of a standard household refrigerator. By adding a small amount of ice to the Solar Cooler it can maintain an internal temperature of 28°F. The addition of ice allows the Solar Cooler to preserve food overnight while not powered by the sun and refreeze the ice that melted during the next day.


Team Fore Arm has created a prosthetic golfing arm for shoulder disarticulation amputees. Available prosthetic devices for shoulder disarticulation (an amputation that removes the entire shoulder joint) lack the range of motion required for a standard golf swing. Team Fore Arm designed and manufactured a stabilizing ball-and-socket shoulder joint that provides an adequate range of motion for a golf swing and interfaces with existing products to create a full golfing arm. The joint consists of a high-strength printed plastic socket and a stainless steel ball and rod mechanism. The cap portion of the socket not only holds the ball in place, it also serves as a guide for the arm using a restricting lip that prevents the arm from reaching unnatural angles. When attached to existing prosthetic devices, which are manufactured for lower-level arm amputations, Team Fore Arm’s shoulder joint provides the user with a steady swing that contains appropriate backward, outward, and forward rotation that closely mimics a biological golf swing.



TRACO: Trash compactor for home use 96-gallon trash can.  Compacts trash using an electric hydraulic system that creates forces upwards of 3500 lbf.  Traco utilizes a utilitarian approach that also functions as a log splitter, and shop press.  The design features an easy-to-use interface and solid steel construction.

Wake Safe: Hundreds of people are injured or killed every year during extreme water sports such as wake boarding, waterskiing, tubing, knee boarding, etc. Many of these injuries are caused when the rider becomes wrapped in the tow rope or handle and then dragged, causing severe bodily harm. Team Wake Safe set out to do something about these injuries and came up with “Tow H2O”, an automatic safety release mechanism that separates the rider from the boat during high tension force events. Wake Safe was successful in designing such a device with the use of mechanical engineering knowledge the team gathered while at University of Nevada, Reno.



We Be Prowlin’ has developed a fitness sled that facilitates high intensity strength training and conditioning while addressing problems inherent to current Prowler designs. Improved versatility is achieved through the implementation of an adjustable frictional braking system, wheels, telescoping frame, and removable handles.  The new design, known as Plan C, targets the everyday workout enthusiast.  Plan C is easier to use on almost any surface and in any neighborhood with zero environmental disturbances.  The engineers on the We be Prowlin’ team have revolutionized the Prowler sled industry.