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Course Overview

The capstone sequence (ME451/452) in the department of mechanical engineering is the culmination of the student’s engineering education.  For an entire academic year, teams of students work on all aspects of a single design project starting with defining the need to developing a working prototype.  Along the way, the teams conduct engineering analysis, build a proof-of-concept device, write a business plan, and much more. In addition to the engineering content, there is a heavy emphasis on developing the student’s communication skills with written reports, oral presentations,  and website development. Ideas for projects come from local businesses and individuals, professors, and the student’s themselves.


I am a local business or individual who would like to suggest and support a project, how can I get involved?

Please contact Mr. Nicholas Maus with a brief description of your project.  Although projects may be suggested at anytime, new projects start in the Fall semester annually.

I am a UNR Mechanical Engineering Student, what are the prerequisites for taking Senior Capstone?

The prerequisites for ME 451 are: ME 310 and 90 credits toward your ME degree.  Note that is possible to have more than 90 credits in total (for example if you changed majors) but not satisfy the prerequisites if some of the credits do not apply to your ME degree. The prerequisite for ME 452 is only ME 451.  The old prerequisite of having finished all 300 level ME classes no longer applies. Links to the new catalog: ME 451 and ME 452

How do I register for ME451?

In order to register in ME 451 System Design (Capstone I) we need to check your prerequisites.  To expedite this process please fill out the following form which can be found at: CAPSTONE PREREQ FORM. After filling out the form we will check the prerequisites and provide you with additional instructions to complete your registration. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or problems,  please contact Nick Maus.